the staff and fellows boats

One of Lady Margaret Boat Club's foundational principles is to provide an opportunity for all members of St John's College to enjoy rowing.

This includes the College's staff members and fellows. Consequently, the Club is proud of its strong tradition of submitting a staff and Fellows' boat in the May Bumps, in both the men's and women's divisions. Traditionally, the boats are coached by student volunteers, who have themselves learnt to row with LMBC, and have experienced at least one set of the Bumps. 

MAYS 2016

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the women

Cox: Skye Fletcher (student)

Str: Jess Mackenzie

7: Aisling O'Neill

6: Shelley Hughes

5: Flic French

4: Sarah Jeffs

3: Rachel Iftikhar

2: Jess Muirhead

Bow: Dr. Sue Colwell

Subs: Dr. Therese Herling, Dr. Helena Knowles, Gemma Leavens, Claire Watkins, Kathryn Wingrove, Karen Hong (student cox subs)

Coaches: Laura Day, Emily Conway (students)

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the men

Cox: Olivia Capewell (student)

Str: Chris Jiggins

7: Paul Wood

6: Richard Wallbank 

5: Mick Elliot

4: Isaac Webber (student)

3: Bhargav Narayanan

2: Victoria Campion (student)

Bow: Yehia Amar (student)

Subs: Simon Martin, Hugh Matthews, Renaud Lejonse, Dave Kraszewski

Coaches: Haofeng Xu (student)


mays 2015

fellows w 2015.jpg

the women

Cox: Alice Farrell

Str: Liz Adekunle

7: Dr. Sue Colwell

6: Dr. Helena Knowles

5: Jess Muirhead

4: Jess Mackenzie

3: Dr. Janet Lees

2: Dr. Stacey McDowell

Bow: Diane Vitry (student)

Coaches: Meike Weise, Nate Davis (students)

fellows 2015.jpg

the men

Cox: Sarah Doré

Str: William Marks (student)

7: Tom Carbonero

6: Dr. Simon Martin

5: Prof. Tim Bayliss-Smith

4: Renaud Lejosne

3: Dr. Mick Elliot

2: Max Jenkins

Bow: Lorenzo Aversa

Subs: Matteo Mannino, Eben Upton, Vaughan Wittorf

 Coaches: Jack Hutchinson, Wilfried Genest (students)