2018 - 2019 Chief Cox,  Jamie in W1

2018 - 2019 Chief Cox, Jamie in W1

As the brains of the crew, coxes are as important as the rowers to the success of the boat - and can be the difference between winning and losing a race by a matter of inches!

the steerer, the cheerer and the leader.

Coxes sit in the ‘stern’ of the boat, facing forwards towards the crew, and have two main responsibilities: steering and giving commands to the crew.

As a cox you are in charge of your boat and the crew. You are the only person (other than your coach on the bank) who can see the other boats, fishermen, swans and even the odd rubber ring. Learning to successfully navigate your boat along the Cam is a great and often amusing challenge.

You will also learn how to motivate and train your crew and become great friends with them through the outings, races and socials you share.

2018 - 2019 Chief Cox, Liz celebrating W2 bumping up into Mays Divison 2 (Picture: Cam FM).

2018 - 2019 Chief Cox, Liz celebrating W2 bumping up into Mays Divison 2 (Picture: Cam FM).


NOVICE COXING: Recruiting now!

LMBC is always on the look out for the latest coxing talent to join our boat club.

No experience necessary! We have a strong novice coxing programme at LMBC, with a majority of those who cox having never done so before university.

Most novice coxes will join us in Michaelmas term and learn to cox in the novice boats with coaching both from the Chief Coxes and the coaches of the boats. You will receive a checklist of skills that you will learn throughout your first term and beyond - everything from drills and calls to steering around some of the more notorious bends on the Cam - so that we know everyone gets the same level of confidence and skill on the river by the time you start coxing senior boats in Lent Term.  


There are opportunities to start coxing later in the year though, with senior boats always looking to develop new coxes so don't be afraid to get in touch once you see how much fun coxing can be!

If you're interested in coxing with LMBC, and you're a current or prospective student, please do contact our Chief Coxes:

Liz Gaberdiel (ekg31@cam.ac.uk) and Jamie Bailey (jab288@cam.ac.uk)