the captains’ briefings

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aidan williams, men’s captain 2018 -2019

The Lady Margaret Boat Club continues to thrive in its position as one of the largest and most successful clubs on the River Cam. Under the leadership of last year’s captain, Robert Blyth, the men’s side enjoyed another extremely successful year. We maintained the Lents headship for the second year in a row, and the Mays headship for the third year in a row. In the Mays, the men’s second boat continue to hold an incredibly strong position in the men’s first division, and both our second and third boats maintain their positions as the fastest second and third boats on the river. The incredible results of these top boats is only possible because of the impressive depth of our club, which continues to be one of few to field five men’s boats for the Mays!

As we enter the 2019 season, we aim to continue to hold our success at the top end of the club while investing even more into our novice programme. Increasing accessibility and promoting enjoyment of the sport at all levels is crucially important, particularly as the club continues to be a large social hub for the college as well as a performance racing club. In line with previous years, we predict that an impressive number of freshers (over 100) from St John's College will join the club’s novice program. The club is also a great place to strike up friendships with those outside of the academic yeargroup, and these are strengthened through the dedication and teamwork that rowing demands and rewards. It is these friendships made in the novice (Michaelmas) term at LMBC that form the foundations of the club, and it is these novices who in one or two years will make up a significant proportion of our first boats!

The men's side aim to head back to Seville in January for our Winter Training Camp, following an extremely successful trip there last year. As we move into the Regatta season in the Spring, we aim to reap the benefits of the warm weather camp and consolidate our position as one of the most successful clubs in Cambridge by participating in more off-Cam races, with a particular focus on the Henley Royal Regatta at the close of the season.

With a fantastic committee and inspiring student and alumni coaches, is a great pleasure to be leading the Men’s side for what promises to be another incredibly exciting year for the thriving club!


Laura Ferrier, Women’s Captain 2018 - 2019

The Women’s Side at Lady Margaret Boat Club has been flourishing in recent years, increasing in size and strength. Last year’s captain, Freya Casson, oversaw a huge intake of freshers and a great year of training and racing throughout the side. Over the past year we managed to have 3 or 4 crews training each term, with many racing on the Cam, as well as in races around the UK. For the first time ever, we sent both a W1 and a W2 to WEHORR.

This year I am really excited to continue developing the Women’s Side and welcoming all of the new novices to the squad. Senior rowers will be working on further developing their strength and endurance, as our focus will be on creating a really great sculling programme. For the novices, we hope to continue the success from last year, when our first crew placed within the top 3 for every race they entered. Michaelmas is really about giving the sport a go and learning the basics of rowing. It can very much be tailored to how much time people want to commit and how competitive they would like to be! It is also a time to get to know everyone and start becoming a squad.

We have our training camp at the end of Lent term, where we go away for a week and row, as well as relaxing together as a crew to celebrate everything we have achieved so far.

LMBC is a great club that has been experiencing numerous successes in recent years, all due to high quality coaching, good facilities and a great squad atmosphere. I look forward to get back out on the Cam and meeting all of our incoming novices and rowers!